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Irina Razumovskaya

  • Irina Razumovskaya

    Applied Arts


    Irina Razumovskaya was born in 1990 in Leningrad, USSR.
    At the age of five she entered the Kustodiev Art School and has not paused in her art practice to date. Throughout her school and university years Irina participated Hermit-age Museum Lecture Art Program, which served to strengthen her fascination with the fine arts.
    Irina graduated St Petersburg State Classical Gymnasium, wher she studied ancient literature and languages, and refined her interest in ceramics and material culture of hte present and that of the distant past.
    In 2008 Irina entered the State Academy of Art and Design\'s Fine Art Ceramic and Glass Department.
    Ther she studied academic drawing and painting, practiced contemporary art and deepened her knowledge of ceramic art.