• The manifestation of an ambiguous male/female 'character' in my video, created through camp beautifications and attention to the sensual nature of materials. Combined with witty and funny sound effects, politicizes the reading of the way we, as humans, exert our attentions to selfhood. The ambiguity of the bum/phallus/deformed mushroom 'character' in the video allows for a breakdown in the categories of female/male. The comic pop-style aesthetics of the video comments on and address current issues surrounding identity. gender, and commodity with a satirical edge that is sweet with a sharp aftertaste. The sensual, erotic and repellent are mixed together with a comic twist to the form the back-bone of this work in order to explore gender, eroticism, abjection, and humour. The materials used in the video have uncanny and sensual properties that reflect my interest in the erotic and kitsch; wax, milk, cream, soap, faux fur, velvet, foam and sequins.